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South Yorkshire English Springer Spaniel rescue is made up of a small group of Spaniel enthusiasts who aim to care for and re-home as many un-wanted, stray or neglected Springer Spaniels (or other types of Spaniels where appropriate) as we can, as well as proving advice and support to current owners.




We do not have the luxury of our own kennels and instead rent kennel space at a local rescue/boarding kennels. They provide the basic care food, water, cleaning etc but we have to do everything else, walking, grooming, veterinary visits etc. On average we have around eight to twelve dogs in kennels at any one time so this can be very time consuming.


The most important aspect of our work is finding new suitable homes for the Springers in our care. This can prove difficult as many people looking for a dog have a picture in their mind of the perfect dog (colour, size, age, markings, temperament etc etc) and the dog they initially choose may not be suitable for their lifestyle. We are also increasingly finding that we are getting a number of dogs that are harder to find suitable homes for, this may be because they are elderly or have medical/behavioural problems, but the outcome is that they spend many months in kennels.

As we are limited financially to the number of dogs we can have in kennels at any one time, the fact kennel space is taken up by these long term dogs means we cannot help other Springers in need. However we will never give up on them, we are sure that there is the perfect home out there for every dog. For example our longest ever resident, Skipper, was with us around five years and yet when we did find him a home he has proved to be an almost perfect dog who is having a fabulous life and is loved dearly by his new owners. They cannot believe that in all that time no one else had given him a chance.


We are not a big charity and do not have the cushion of a nice healthy bank balance. The majority of our income is spent on kenneling and Veterinary fees (over 92%) and despite being out fundraising as often as possible we still are always worrying about where the next £1 will come from.

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